A-Banan Projekt AB was established as a limited company in 1994 to oversee the project.10 In 2006, Upptåget started operating on the Arlanda Line.

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Stockholm och Tallinn, jämför kostnaderna för vardagsprodukter i Stockholm och Tallinn Ulemiste. Hitta information om flyglängder, direktflyg och flygplatser till din nästa resa från Stockholm till Tallinn Ulemiste. Begin

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Contents Service edit The Arlanda Express is the main operator of the line and offers a direct service from Stockholm Central Station to Arlanda North Station and Arlanda South Station up to six times per hour.East Coast Line to reach, stockholm-, arlanda, airport in, sigtuna Municipality, Sweden.

2 Since 9 December 2012, Stockholm commuter rail trains stop at Arlanda Central every 30 minutes (60 minutes on weekend mornings and nights).9 The Swedish Rail Administration had proposed that the line was to be built with the government agency as owner and with either SJ or private railway companies as train operators.