Cambridge English Corpus, on its shoreline are 3 hotels, 4 public beaches and a few private beaches for lakeside residents.Cambridge English Corpus The intrusion of the machine into the garden has been followed by that of the syringe on the beaches, the smog in the valley, the sewage in the river.Cambridge English Corpus, they are present in public and private places including: city backyards, country yards, playgrounds, parks, sandpits, gardens, fields, lake beaches, pavements and streets.

Hua hin beach

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Halmstad beach

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Jurmala beach hotel

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Axon beach

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If I told you that I loved you.Cambridge English Corpus, small wonder that some field parties yielded, despite repeated warnings and narrow escapes, to the dangerous temptation to walk along the beaches under the ice cliffs, with eventually fatal results.Out of the water onto the land : The boat had been beached near the rocks.