DUX 818 and 515 have personal comfort zones which allow some adjustability for one's shoulders, back and legs.Vi tilbyr den høyeste kvalitet i for å gi deg den mest behagelige nattesøvnen.Motion isolation, c Duxiana's continuous coil system performs about average in regard to absorbing motion from one person so that the other person is not disturbed.

Less pain / pressure b, comfort and pain relief, including back pain relief, are often good initially but can diminish as the bed ages often due to sagging / compression of the top.Velkommen til Duxiana, se vårt utvalg, en god seng trenger en god dyne.

Når du sover i DUX senge, hviler din krop på resultatet af over 85 års forskning og udvikling.Within five years of ownership, durability / quality issues, including topper sagging and loss of support / comfort, are reported by 15 percent or more of Dux Bed owners.