Open daily except Sunday from 10:00 to 16:00 between May and October.In Fira, nicolas is your best option for good, simple, Greek food of the kind you might find on any island with reasonable prices and a clientele that includes locals, which is what you want.If you only have time for one then that would probably be the one to see.

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But the ships come and go and when they go they take the population with them and Fira can actually be a pretty nice place.Most of the restaurants in Fira are tourist restaurants.

Hotel Atlantis which sits right on the main street on the caldera in Fira in a location that could not be more convenient to the restaurants, shopping and nightlife.The next two towns are, firostefani and, imerovigli which are almost like suburbs of Fira and which are walkable from Fira on a footpath along the caldera (no I did not do it) or by public road by car or bike.