Tack för att jag hittade er yoga!End of session, deleting Cookies, if you feel that you need to delete the cookies please click here.However, they suggest that some of the observed changes may also be related to the physical aspects of the retreat - yoga practice and diet - and that the observed change patterns are a reflection of wellbeing and mind-body integration.

"An intriguing possible link between the effects on bdnf and the CAR is hippocampal functional integrity, since increased bdnf levels due to physical exercise has previously been shown to relate with hippocampal neurogenesis and likely relate to its positive effects on well-being and depression.".A new research article published.Läs mer, grundläggande Ayurveda Yoga, Kost och Livsstil 6 april eller 15 juni.

Här ägnar vi oss åt att djupgående stärka kropp och själ med medicinsk yoga, meditation, inspirationsföreläsning, god mat, vila och varande.Under tre hela dagar befinner vi oss på den vackra skärgårdsön Idöborg i Stockholms ytterskärgård.