Desmond Child "Rouge" (song), by Naomi Chiaki and covered by various artists "Rouge a song on Miles Davis' 1957 album.Synonyms edit Related terms edit Translations edit blush see blush Verb edit rouge ( third-person singular simple present rouges, present participle rouging, simple past and past participle rouged ) ( transitive, intransitive ) To apply rouge (makeup).Anagrams Origin From French rouge.

Synonyms Sentences Sentence examples.Rouge, n, see jeweler's rouge.M Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc.

Rogue Jammer Pull-up Bar, shop Now.History has no shortage of rogue explorers seizing land, hoisting their flags, and building new societies.Historical Examples of rogue There never was a rogue, who had not a salvo to himself for being.