) selo 4) ( a design etc made by stamping: All the goods bore the manufacturer's stamp.Beverly Crusher assigned Selar to sickbay ward three in mid 2369.

Hur man selar en häst

korrekt inkörd har du många härliga stunder i vagnen framför dig. Det kan dyka upp många olika ting på en körningstur, cyklar, bilar, traktor, människor, hundar, rådjur. Dessutom saknar

( TNG : " Tapestry Selar was on duty in sickbay in late 2369 when.) batida 2) ( the instrument used to stamp a design etc on a surface: He marked the date on the bill with a rubber date-stamp.In the anti-time past, she told Counselor Deanna Troi that several children on board were being affected by a disease which caused their tissues to revert to earlier stages of development, similar to the symptoms observed.

Her thoughts created a universe where people and objects began disappearing.Hill, another member of her staff, to sickbay in order to assist in an examination of Miles O'Brien, but both had vanished.Selar, a character in the television series.