For the friend who needs an extra boost A gift card to a coffee shop never goes unappreciated by your local starving artist.This gift definitely sets you apart with the camera lens look.Reach full blown HP-ception levels by using this wand during a Harry Potter marathon.

For your friend with a green thumb, its the perfect planter thats guaranteed to bring them joy.Ariel Hartman, a graduate student at Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine said.Bonus: this can double as home décor.

Your Disney friend already has mouse ears printed on every conceivable surface and clothing, so youll have to reach deep into the Disney archives to find something theyve been wishing on a star for.These Horcrux bookmarks aid your friend along the magical Hogwarts journey (theres one per book and they wont damage the pages) and will be taken great care.