Keywords regression, usage, sVAR(x, estmethod c scoring "direct Amat null, Bmat null, start null, er 100,.1e-6, maxls.0, lrtest true,.) # S3 method for svarest print(x, digits max(3, getOption digits -.).Conversely, for a B-model a matrix object with dimension (K times K) with elements set to NA at the positions of the to be estimated parameters has to be provided and the functional argument Amat is null (the default).

Hereby, the to be estimated elements of Amat have to be set.L U34AE5C2F hl,.

(2006 New Introduction to Multiple Time Series Analysis, Springer, New York.For an A-model a (K times K) matrix has to be provided for the functional argument Amat and the functional argument Bmat must be set to null (the default).