The program seeks to develop and demonstrate a cloud-penetrating EHF sensor in a moveable gimbal that could be mounted on a variety of aerial platforms to provide high-resolution, full-motion video for engaging moving ground targets in all weather conditionscloudy or clear.Motorola NTN7394, NTN7394A, NTN7394AR, NTN7394AS, NTN7394B, NTN7394BR, NTN7394C, NTN7394CR, NTN7395, NTN7395A, NTN7395AR, NTN7395B, NTN7395BR, NTN7396A,.

ThisMotorola NTN7394 Battery is compatible with the origina.We carry them in different colors and sizes.ViSAR sensor, which successfully captured real-time video through clouds.

Visar Mic Audio Adapter for Motorola HT1250 HT750 Radio.49 Buy It Now Free Shipping Do you want to listen to music when no one is speaking on the radio?The EHF-band scene simulation technology effort seeks to develop a synthetic scene model for generating synthetic raw data sets that simulate realistic EHF-band radar data sets.Picture 2: adapter in action.