Our pioneering products champion safety, ensure consistent performance and boost efficiency within industrial, medical and specialty gas markets worldwide.Reitertreffen AWA LM Tirol/Alpen Trophy Hofgarten/T.05, aWA Training mit.Pioneering products, such as our Oxytote and Oxytote Next Gen, boast consistent performance and reliability in portable oxygen applications.

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For more than 60 years, Western Enterprises has manufactured quality products that inspires confidence for all industrial applications.Passen denn gelebte Tradition und komfortable Moderne zusammen?

As a trusted leader in gas management technologies, Western inspires customer confidence by delivering proven solutions for the control, storage and transmission of high-pressure gases.Besuchen Sie den Kaiserhof, denn wir leben die Verbindung von Alt-Österreich und verantwortungsvoller Zukunft.